Greisinger. Valid Certifications.

The entire purchasing and production procedure is subjected to stringent hygiene and quality criteria. Even in the event of acceptance of the raw material, the selected suppliers are strictly checked. Starting with the steps of processing and packaging over the way of the finished products to the loading dock up to the loading procedure into the refrigerated vehicles, the quality assurance process can be traced without any gap – including „just-in-time“ reliability of supply. In line with certifications according the International Food Standard at a higher level (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC - Global Standard for Food-Safety), the company works in accordance with these stipulations and beyond. Permanent product safety testing via the tried-and-tested HACCP system and the annual IFS audit confirm in formal terms adherence to the stringent quality criteria.

Other international standards such as the Din Gost TÜV Certification resp. TRTS 022/2011 in accordance with the Russian Federation or veterinary authority export permits for Hongkong, Vietnam, Philippines, Canada and product registrations in Thailand and India complement the extensive portfolio of Greisinger‘s quality philosophy.

British Retail Consortium
IFS Food