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Greisinger. Company Info.

A family backs quality.

  • The company Greisinger, based in Münzbach, Upper Austria, is one of the largest and most modern privately-run meat processing companies in Austria.
  • Entrepreneurial skills and an unending belief in quality and service are the key to the success of the Austrian company which has undergone continuous growth.
  • Permanent investments in the expansion of production sites and machinery as well as in further training, research and innovation - combined with tradition and mastery craftsmanship, help guarantee and further extend the strong market presence of the merely family-run company.

Our guiding principle is based on trust.

  • Focus on natural resources and masterly craftsmanship.
  • Own meat cutting unit (product standardization: same cutting, freshness etc.).
  • Product safety and constant quality standard.
  • Distinctive appearance by natural means.
  • Cooperation and mutual support with sufficient flexibility.
  • Best possible customer service worldwide.

Product origin and quality serve as our standard.

  • Each and every product in the extensive range offered by Greisinger is produced in accordance with strict guidelines and international standards on ultramodern production lines.
  • The exquisite, natural ingredients and raw materials are selected with the utmost care - purchased from strictly selected, regular suppliers.
  • Most products do not require any food additives and flavour enhancers.
  • Generally the company takes care to offer lactose- and gluten-free products.
  • The sausage meat and smoked meats obtain their unmistakeable taste when they are cooked, smoked and roasted thanks to special mixtures of spices.