Corporate Philosophy. Looking into the future with confidence.

Permanent investments in the further training of members of staff, in the expansion of the company and machinery as well as in research and innovation, help guarantee and further extend the quality competence of the family-run company,Greisinger, in the long term. This includes the constant tasting of products to ensure the quality is right and the agreement of products to meet customer demands as well as nurturing contacts with retailers and consumers.

Tradition and trends, masterly craftsmanship and modern techniques - these do not contradict one another; on the contrary they complement one another in an ideal way.

From the very beginning, in the near future.

Our Quality Concept.

In order to successfully distribute products to increasingly large crowding-out markets it is necessary to show a clear and unmistakable public identity that corresponds with the expectations of the consumers. In order to be able to manufacture products in correspondence with our mission statement “In line with nature”, we give top priority to product security, combined with a steady quality standard.

Cooperation and mutual support characterize our work and management style. Vis-à-vis our competitors this enables flexibility, in maintaining our ability to deliver in the case of short-term or repeat orders.

Greisinger’s strength is quick reaction and speed in processing all orders. Therefore, the essential issue is a clearly defined and quick production process that we guarantee through investment in modern production and packaging guidelines.

In order to reach this goal we trust in reliable, well-trained , competent, result-oriented and performance-aware employees with flexible work habits.
We view consideration for ethic values as well as our environment as a prerequisite.

Through our product diversity we have the security and guarantee to serve any type of retail outlets. Greisinger’s quality products are well accepted not only in the domestic market but also in many other countries around the world.

Through technology and constant product development, such as the extension of consumption expiry dates, it has been possible to strengthen and expand our products in other countries. Also through identification of other eating habits special products are constantly being developed by creating other flavours.

In order to support our international sales activities we offer the customer best worldwide service and always endeavour to optimise our company’s performance.