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Highest standard of technology.
On 32,000 m² production area.

All of the production procedures are planned by computer and carried out in a production area which covers more than 32,000 m² - including complete traceability of batches. An efficient logistics system which has its own fleet of vehicles, and the cooperation with reputed forward agents ensure that the products are always transported “just-in-time“. Due to the large capacity and the well-organized structure, Greisinger can ensure delivery security in the interest of customers. A consistent temperature between +2°C and max. +4°C until delivery is Greisinger standard. The goods leave our house exactly with +2°C or frozen.

An example for Greisinger‘s high standard in technology and production facilities: One of the largest and most modern pasteurization lines in Austria thanks to which the best before data of vacuumpacked sausage meat products can be prolonged quite considerably - and the product properties such as the colour, consistency and taste remain as stable as if they were freshly packed throughout the entire durability period.